Create Your Own Tour



Following a standard tour is not enough for you? You have your own ideas what to visit and how?

Let us know, we can arrange tours and activities to match your preferences. Be it the mountainous south of the country with its remote monasteries and hilltop forts, the only rarely traveled western part of the country or tours into Georgia, we are happy to take you. Any destinations and activities can be combined with elements from the regular tours to create your individual tour.


There is no better way to discover nature than on foot or horsesback. From April to June the wildflowers are in full bloom and cover the landscape in vibrant colors. Pass through fields of red, yellow and white and discover the rich bird and insect life while climbing up to an ancient fort or remote chapel. Great places to discover are the mountains around Yeghegnazor or Vorotan canyon. We can arrange for an Ornithologist to take us on a birdwatching  tour in his favorite birding territory. In summer the temperature is pleasant in the woods around Dilijan or Kapan or in high altitudes, eg. when climbing Mt Argarats. Or you would like to enjoy nature from the back of a horse? We can arrange individual half and full day horse trekking tours.


Armenian Culture is not only preserved in centuries old architecture and art but is also vibrant and creative today. Stonemasons keep the ancient designs alive that have adorned kachkars for centuries and employ them in their contemporary work. A master of his craft offeres visits to his atelier and masterclasses for you to experience this uniquely Armenian tradition first hand. Many armenian cities have a very lively cultural scene. Artists invite you to visit their studios and organise workshops to exchange ideas and share their know-how with you.

Hidden treasures

Unforgettable are the moments when we find an unexpected gem just and can enjoy it just for ourselfs. Armenia is full of these hidden treasures, and getting to these remote places is part of the excitement. These places of extraordinary beauty and solitude are set in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape. Some are best reached on foot, others by 4×4 drive.



Enjoying nature and thermal springs in Jermuk (one day)

Start in: Yeghegnadsor or Jermuk

In the morning we take a 4×4 to a thermal pool in the wilderness. The water is pleasantly warm and we relax in this spring in a perfectly secluded valley. On the way back we will be dropped off at the entrance of the gorge that leads to Gndevank Monastery. The old road is blocked by landslides, but a hiking trail remains along the old track. Where the valley widens, we reach Gndevank, one of the few active monasteries in Armenia. After visiting we hike on one side of the gorge up to the town of Gndevaz, where we are picked up.


Horseback riding on the slopes of Mt. Aragats (one day)

Start in: Yerevan

Half way up the Mt. Aragats a ring of several fortresses once protected the plains below. We meet our horses in a town on the lower slopes and we will approach the most famous of these fortresses, Amberd Castle,  like the horsemen in old times. We will visit this beautiful place and have lunch there. On our way back we enjoy the beautiful views towards Mt Ararat and the plains.

For experienced riders we can arrange for  tours of several days.


Horseback riding in the woodlands of Tavush (half day / full day)

Start in: Ijevan

The mountainous area around Ijevan is ideal for horse riding. The climate is ideal all summer long. Endless woods alternate with wide grassy hilltops that offer magnificent views of this unspoilt landscape.

Dependig on your preferences we can arange for half and full day tours. Half day tours we can combine to a hike into the Gorge to the caves of lastiver and Anapat or vith a visit to Makaravank Monastery.


Hidden Treasures near Yeghegnazor, 4×4 Adventure (1 day)

Start in: Yereghnazor

The mountains around Yeghegnazor hide a multitude of testimonies from past times. A local guide takes us to a fortress that stretches over a whole ridge of hills and two monastery complexes that blend picturesquely into the landscape. Although these places are remote and difficult to access, they are still revered by the locals and our guide will tell us about the history and customs associated with these places.


Hike the Transkaukasian Trail through the woods around Dilijan (up to three days)

Start in: Dilijan

Great efforts were made to build the Transcaucasian Trail, a long distance trail from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea. Although the whole trail will still take several years to complete, the Dilijan area has taken a pioneering role and has largely completed the network of paths in its vicinity.


In this area, the paths connect outstanding sights such as the monasteries of Haghartsin and Juchtavank. These places are located in the primeval beech forests of the Tavush region and are best explored on foot.

You can choose any of the hikes independendly or do them all.

  • Day 1: Hike Goshavank – Dilijan (20 km, Transkaukasian Trail),
  • Day 2: visit Makaravank, trail to Lastiver
  • Day 3: Hike Jukhtakvank to Haghartsin (20km, Transkaukasian trail)


4×4 Adventure to Petroglyphs (1 day)

Start in: Sissian or Goris

Many high mountain regions of the Armenian highlands feature petroglyphs. What they all have in common is that they are difficult to find and reach. One of the most beautiful and extensive sites is located in the mountains around Karahunge Observatory. When the snow has melted in May or June, the site is accessible by 4×4 vehicle. We will enjoy this spectacular drive into the mountains and admire the scenes, animals, people and mysterious ornaments depicted on the rock carvings.


Hike Mount Aragats (1 day)

Start in: Yerevan

With 4090m Mount Aragats is the highest mountain in Armenia and the Lesser Caucasus. It is an isolated volcanic mountain that offeres magnificent views in all directions. Starting at the beautiful Kari Lake at 3,190m above sea level we will first climb the southern peak and if we feel up to it head for the northern peak as well.


Birding in the canyons near Noravank (1/2 day)

Start in: Areni

With only the size of Belgium, but an altitude between 375 and 4090 metres above sea level, Armenia offers a great variety of habitats in a limited area. From semi-deserts at low altitudes, juniper woodlands, deciduous forests higher up to mountain steppes, subalpine meadows and alpine carpets the country provides habitat for 365 species of birds, 240 of which breed regularly. Especially the canyons around Areni are a true paradise for birdwatchers. In the early morning local birders will take you to their favorite observation spots to watch out for Golden Eagles, Bearded Vultures, Eastern and Western Nuthatch, Upcher’s Warbler, White-throated Robin and Red-fronted Serins.


Other interesting destinations are Arpi Lake, Gndasar Mountain and the high alpine regions of Mount Aragats. If you are interested in those or other birding destinations, let us know.


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