About us



We are Grisha and Tatul Bostanchyans and we are brothers. We started the GT Tours in 2017.


Why did we take up organizing excursions/tours? We both have been members of the YMCA worldwide movement for a long time. While working in our local YMCA as Coordinators of Youth Programs, we used to receive a lot of guests from different parts of the world and show Armenia to them. The idea of this company was born then and we want to run tours and to show the historical and cultural sites of Armenia, its picturesque nature and its unique culture to people visiting the country.


We were born in Armenia and we are living in Armenia all our lives. We love our country and we want to show it to others with its whole beauty and all peculiarities. The tours give us opportunities to find out so much more about our own country and fall in love with it more and more. We meet new people, learn about completely different cultures and grow as persons.


We show an  individual approach to everyone.  We  empathize with our guests, their preferences and create fun atmosphere where they feel loved, important and always welcome. Our work is a means to create a space where harmonious, tolerant, patient, peaceful, stress-free, revealing, nature-minded and caring society can strive. 


Since the tradition of hospitality has always been a very important part of our culture and we are not an exception, we feel the responsibility to allow our guests to experience the true Armenian hospitality. GT Armenia Tours serves travellers from all over the world with unique, personalized, caring and safe travel experiences in Armenia.  Our purpose is to share experiences that make our guests want to return to Armenia.


To contribute to Armenian sustainable tourism we work with locals from all the regions of Armenia encouraging the tourism infrastructure development in the country. That is why by booking our tours you contribute not only to the development of our company, but also to the whole local travel industry helping Armenia to become a more attractive travel destination.


Our Services Include

  • Tour programs in Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh
  • Individual and group tours
  • Classical and alternative tours
  • Hotel Reservation
  • Guide Service (in Armenian, Russian and English)
  • Transportation Service
  • Transfers from/to the airport/hotel
  • Car Rental with Driver

We hope we will have a chance to guide you through our beautiful country! Contact us at any time and we will give you free consultation. We will do everything to make your stay unforgettable.